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  • History Reawakened

    Reunion Square is a 9.5-acre site, located between U and Chicago Streets along the western side of Martin L. King Jr. Avenue, SE.
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  • Retail, Office, and Living

    1.6 million sq. ft. mixed-use development in three phases, totaling 904,000 sq. ft. of office, 413 residential units and 179,600 sq. ft. of retail.
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Reunion Square Naming Competition

Submit your ideas!

Reunion Square sits at the intersections of history and future, neighborhood and city. With that backdrop, we would like to invite you to participate in naming each Reunion Square building. As a collection of eight buildings, it's our hope that each name would memorialize and honor a person of legend in Anacostia history (ex. Marion Barry, Miles Long, Henry Griswold). We hope you will contribute your ideas!